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We started offering apartments for rent in Tallinn in 2002. 
We've been the first to put in direct contact apartment Owners with Guests, offering an internal message page where you can, still today, talk directly and NOW to each Owner.

We have personally visited and tested many of the Tallinn apartments you'll find here and we met most of the Owners. Feel free to ask us anything in case you are not sure in what part of town to stay.

This website has changed aspect many times and what you see now is done with our platform, Adormo.com, which is a network of highly professional websites.



Who We are


We have been in the online apartment reservation business since 2001.
We have met hundreds apartment owners/managers, visited thousands apartments and even stayed in many of them.
Read more about us and contact us from our main website Adormo.com.



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You can join us in two ways:

As an Owner
: add your apartment, house or villa to the network. It will be added to this website and potentially to other websites too. Joining is free. Read more or Join.

As a Manager: create or manage your online reservations website with our platform, the same we use to manage this website, and join us in offering a more local and human approach to reservations. Read more or Join.
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Are you tired of uploading your apartment in many portals, learn how they work, remember each one of their rules etc...would you like to have more time to focus on welcoming your guests?
If yes, let us Distribute your apartment online for you!
What we do for you is quite simple: we manage your accommodations in several and selected international and national portals and agencies.
You only keep your availability calendar updated in our website, in this way we always know when your accommodation is available for the requests we receive and we don't need to ask you.
You can still get reservations from your traditional portals and channels, we do not require exclusivity.
We will personally come to visit your apartment in Tallinn, we'll take all the pictures needed to provide the guest with the best idea on the accommodation (this will reduce the number of questions from the guests). We will also write a very detailed description in order to avoid doubts to the guests while reserving.
We charge a 15% commission. This includes all the commissions and fixed fees WE pay to the portals and agencies.
In short: 
  • We come to visit your apartment, take pictures and write down all the details.
  • We do the hard work to market your apartment online.
  • We contact you to inform you when there is a new reservation (not a request).
  • You only take care of your guests from that moment onwards. 
If you are interested write to us at info@mytallinnapartments.com, leave also your telephone number, so we will call you back!